I promise transparency! My biggest pet peeve with behavioral health providers is when they make general claims and promises on their websites but don’t tell you what you’re in for financially. I promise you that your time and money matters to me!

I use the Simple Practice Patient Portal for sending out general practice information; setting up appointments; submitting your claims; and processing your payments. The easiest way to handle payments whether you’re using insurance (BlueCross BlueShield/Carefirst or Magellan) or paying out of pocket — is to select autopay on your Billing tab. If you are using insurance, you simply fill in your copayment after enrolling in autopay and entering your credit card information into Stripe. This is the only fee that will be charged the evening of (or possibly next day).

Note: If you are using other insurance that I’m not paneled with, you will pay the $200 out of pocket fee and I will issue you a superbill/receipt, which you can then submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. I will discuss alternate payments and options on an individual basis.

I understand that life happens and there will be times that you can’t make your appointment.

Please let me know ASAP if you can’t make your appointment for any reason. Although I strive to be accommodating to rescheduling requests, I can’t guarantee that I’ll have same day openings. You can cancel one session free of charge, but afterward, you’ll be charged the full rate for future missed appointments. There’s no additional charge for appointments I’m able to swap.

Are you ready to ADD more to your life’s Transitions?

Traditional Counseling Services: Fee is $200 per session (out of pocket) or your copayment if using BCBS/Carefirst. $125 if active duty servicemember or veteran.

ADHD Counseling: We’ll address your feelings about having ADHD; what that means; what the benefits are (trust me there are many); what accommodations you might need (in your relationships, in school, and on the job), how to employ positive coping techniques; and what other resources you might need.

Wellness Counseling Services: ‚ÄčThis includes an exploration of what mental health and wellness means and what managing it looks like. Does a diagnosis matter? What are accommodations and how do I know if I need any? We’ll also look at stigmatization and educating others, self-advocacy, coping strategies, and crisis and wellness planning. This is helpful for general or social anxiety, depression, or any other other issue you’re struggling with and want support with.

Work-Life Balance and Life Transitions Counseling Services: We’ll explore how you can juggle work and maintain a fun-filled and meaningful social life; how to emotionally prepare for and handle job-related transitions. In my experience, whatever is troubling you in your personal life – impacts your work-life.

I will work with you on other employment related services on a case by case basis (i.e. resume and social media creation but my primary focus is on clinical counseling. Any additional services are charged full rate, out of pocket fee of $200.

I am happy to refer you to other Career Counselors in the area who specialize in career assessments and employment services.