Help & Heal

How I’ll Help:

I operate from an Existentialist perspective. I believe that the only absolutes in life — are death and isolation — and that life is inherently anxiety provoking. Although this may seem ominous, it is freeing! What it means is that you can choose how you respond to circumstances — even ones that seem beyond your control. It also means that you will no longer need to see yourself as a victim and that you can choose to learn and employ new coping mechanisms.

I apply both CBT and DBT therapy techniques in my work.  In a nutshell, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) focuses on changing your perceptions and behaviors and incorporating positive Coping skills. DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) takes this a step further.

DBT was designed to help individuals who struggle with emotional dysregulation. This means that your emotions and reactions are extreme, in comparison to your actual circumstances. DBT has proven to be effective for individuals who have had suicidal ideation with/without attempts; release their emotions through self harm (i.e cutting or food deprivation); struggle with risk taking behaviors or experience fight or flight reactions to their emotions. What DBT might look like when working with me — I might have you keep an emotions log, we might take one event that caused emotional pain and literally draw out the ways that your emotions and responses went full throttle afterward, and we will work on self-awareness skills such as meditation. Part of DBT’s success is the emphasis on the incorporation of mindfulness practices such as deep breathing and meditation.

  • I’m passionate about my calling and I’ll help you to see the best in yourself by actively listening to you. I’ll introduce you to creative techniques which you will then be able to apply to helping you effect personal growth and change.
  • I have years of experience working with individuals who have struggled with ADHD; anxiety; depression; work related issues and dissatisfaction, as well as alcoholism and addiction.
  • I’ll show you how to acknowledge, honor, and move through life transitions with dignity and grace.  I will teach you how to set and maintain effective personal boundaries and advocate for yourself in your relationships and on the job.
  • As a certified vocational counselor, I can help you identify your core strengths and transferable skills, so that career moves and changes are less daunting.

How You’ll Heal:

Why should the terms “mental health” and “behavioral health” be synonymous with sickness? If you are seeking counseling and guidance — no matter your reason, you’re investing in your well-being!

  • You will learn that you are so much more than a diagnosis, feelings, and behaviors.
  • Do you wrestle with a lot of anxiety or racing thoughts? If so, we might incorporate mindfulness meditation into our sessions.
  • You will learn that you are understood and validated. This will allow you to feel more comfortable and open to advocating for your own needs.