ADDvantage Counseling provides a safe, open environment for you to share what’s going on with you right NOW.

I’ll actively listen to you, help you brainstorm solutions, and teach you how to successfully use positive life coping skills.

I’m an eclectic therapist. I take a cognitive behavioral approach and add creative techniques to the mix. I’ve used journaling, drawing, and body-awareness exercises to help clients feel confident in expressing themselves in a way they enjoy.
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There Are No Bad Dogs!

ElliottThe photo is of my beagle-dachshund mix, Elliott. He possesses some traits that are less than stellar, such as shrill barking & resource guarding. But is he a bad dog? NO! He is an anxious dog that requires TLC and patience. Sound familiar?

We all possess character traits that are unappealing to ourselves and are problematic for others. We behave badly sometimes and many of us are prone to self-sabotage. Your behaviors might be bad but you are not. There are no BAD DOGS.

Have some behaviors you want to change? I can’t teach you to sit, fetch, or roll over. The good news is, I can help you to learn new tricks. Stop beating yourself up and work with me to learn better coping mechanisms.
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Convenient Location!

ADDvantage Counseling’s 4th floor office has the BEST view overlooking the Zoo. Plus, it’s right next door to a Starbucks, 7-11, and Yael’s Cake Pops. I’m on the Red line (Metro), L Buses, and a few blocks walk from both the Woodley Park/Zoo and Cleveland Park metro stops.
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Convenient Online Appointment Setting!

If you’re an established client,  you can use this link to self schedule an appointment with me. It’s that easy!

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