Breakage and Growth

Sitting is wonderful after what my husband now refers to as #AIB or Adventures In Babysitting. This is when I begin innocently reorganizing something and before you know it, the bedroom and living room are changed, sh@$ breaks and other shenanigans ensue.

Last night I accidentally broke something I love and that was my grandmother’s. I bawled inconsolably because I protected it for years and treasured it. Im doubtful it can be repaired.Tonight, it was my punching bag that l cracked and gushed gallons of water onto the balcony and floors below.

Things are impermanent. Change is inevitable. It can be jarring and sudden even when you’re the one trying to create the change in the first place. There’s a takeaway to be processed – – sometimes after grief…

Change always brings about something new and that newness can be an opportunity for growth. I’m still very sad and upset with myself that my grandmother’s bowl is broken despite knowing it was a split second accident. But I still have the pieces (most of them large) and I can rearrange them into some form of art. It’s no longer an antique but its sentimental value is no less to me.

My punching bag is now in pieces in a dumpster but my beautiful salvaged rocking chair is in its place in a corner of my bedroom. And I began this blog post sitting in it and relaxing my aching muscles. I think it will bring me happiness in its current corner near my vanity, where direct sunlight will reach me and warm me as I rock and watch birds.

2017.11.20 Blog Post Image


As I prepare for the Jewish New Year by reflecting on the year just past, I am struck by how many changes there have been. The Country has a new President (just a fact, not going into my personal views here); icons who’ve rocked my world have tragically died (David Bowie and Chris Cornell); my step-father was diagnosed with cancer; my niece learned how to drive, my 83 year-old Aunt surpassed my grandma in number of years lived; and my husband and I experienced the worse financial year we’ve had as a married couple due to job endings and transitions. It was a rough year with a few celebratory moments.

I could’ve reversed the order and emphasis of my last sentence and said, “Despite a few celebratory moments, it was a rough year.”  But I’ve come to believe that perception is everything. As a therapist who operates from an existentialist perspective, I believe that individual survival and emotional well-being is in direct proprotion to how we create meaning out of our reality and our ability to take ownership for our actions. My success in the coming year will largely be based upon how well I process the struggles of this year and how willing I am to change my perspective and/or actions during this 365 revolution around the sun.

Life is change. We can pretend it doesn’t exist or we can acknowledge it’s surety and go with the flow. I can’t cure my step-father of cancer, ensure my niece’s safety on the road, or prevent my adolescent heroes from dying. But I can change. I can change  my perspective to minimize resentments and avoid feeling steamrolled by life. Life is about how well we navigate its transitions.

L’Shana Tova – To a Good Year!








I promise transparency! My biggest pet peeve with behavioral health providers is when they make general claims and promises on their websites but don’t tell you what you’re in for  financially. I promise you that your time and money matters to me!

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Why? As someone with ADHD (and as someone who doesn’t like to ask for money), I’m most comfortable taking care of “business” right away.

I understand that life happens and there will be times that you can’t make your appointment.

Please let me know ASAP if you can’t make your appointment for any reason. Although I strive to be accommodating to rescheduling requests, I can’t guarantee that I’ll have same day openings. You can cancel one session free of charge, but afterward, you’ll be charged the full rate for future missed appointments. There’s no additional charge for appointments I’m able to swap.

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Wellness Counseling Services:  ​This includes an exploration of what mental health and wellness means and what managing it looks like. Does a diagnosis matter? What are accommodations and how do I know if I need any? We’ll also look at stigmatization and educating others, self-advocacy, coping strategies, and crisis and wellness planning. This is helpful for general or social anxiety, depression, or any other other issue you’re struggling with and want support with.

Work-Life Balance Counseling Services: We’ll explore how you can juggle work and maintain a fun-filled and meaningful social life; how to emotionally prepare for and handle job-related transitions. In my experience, whatever is troubling you in your personal life – impacts your work-life. If this is the case then I bill your insurance (you cover copay) or I charge the out-of-pocket fee of $175 ($100 if active duty service member or veteran)

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